The Last Supper…that never happened.

Posted: January 12, 2011 in Uncategorized

I think it is already understood that I will not talk about Friday without mentioning the sadness that has overwhelmed me, not only for our class being basically over, but also because we have come to the decision that we are not going to CiCi’s. The empty promise traced back all the way to our first class day when we went over the syllabus and discussed how we would end the class. I remember when I was in Race, Gender, and the Media this summer. We finished our class with one final discussion and debriefing day at the Waffle House, or as Dr. Wynn likes to call it, The Waffle Inn. Anyway, it wasn’t the meal that made that day, but rather the time we got to spend together as a class outside of the classroom. The discussions we had were very reaffirming and turned out to be the best possible way we could have brought the class to an end.

When we met at the Waffle House we told each other what we thought of each other and everyone mentioned 1-2 names of their peers that they admired and/or saw growth in throughout the short course. I think this would have been a very beneficial assignment for us to do in this class because we had a few students that were not big fans of Hip-Hop. For example, I would have loved to talk to Shane a little bit more and hear what he has to say about Hip-Hop and how he may feel about the culture now that he has learned a little bit about it.

Since our last day was technically Thursday I also feel like we did not get a good chance to say goodbye. I was kind of sad to see that when Dr. Wynn dismissed the class everyone just got up and left. I am used to giving the teacher a hug or saying thank you and have a good break, but everyone decided to get out of there so fast I did not know what to do. It was a sad day and I will truly miss our class.


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