‘Pac and BIGGIE

Posted: January 12, 2011 in Uncategorized

On this day in class we discussed and watched a video on Tupac and Biggie’s murders. We watched a documentary made by a British filmmaker that asked all of the questions and sought out to find all of the answers behind the extremely controversial and surprisingly unsolved mysteries that are, the murders of Tupac and Biggie.

I learned a lot in this documentary that I did not know before and I also gained a new perspective on what I really think happened with the Biggie and Tupac murders. Ever since I first heard about their deaths I thought they were gang related. I never knew there was so much more to the story and I never really knew that a lot of people put the blame on Suge Knight. It was all really strange to hear in the interviews. Another thing I never really knew was that Biggie only had two albums, one of which came out AFTER his death. I had always put him and Tupac on the same level as far as talent and success goes.

Another very interesting thing that I learned from the documentary was that Biggie began his career opening up for Tupac. I never knew that Tupac could always hold that over Biggie. Also, I thought it was very interesting that Biggie never had a rough childhood or upbringing. I had always assumed that he had grown up in the ghetto and had always struggled to find food and shelter. However, I was really wrong. In the documentary Biggie’s mom explains that Biggie never had to worry about food being on the table or any of that nonsense associated with being a poor family in the ghetto. She explained that all of that talk in his rap music was all because he had an alter-ego that he had to become so people would respect his music. That was something I found to be very interesting and I wonder if many Biggie fans know that about him.


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