Individual Artist Presentations Part II…

Posted: January 12, 2011 in Uncategorized

This day was exciting because we got to hear about a couple of artists that I truly admire and have always been a fan of, 50 Cent and A Tribe Called Quest. Again, I seemed to learn a lot of things about these two artists/groups that I did not know about them before the presentations.

I guess I will start with 50 Cent on this one. Of course we all knew that 50 was shot 9 times and we all knew that he was the epitome of a gangster rapper. However, I did not know that behind the bullet-proof vest and behind his macho attitude was a funny and easy-going guy. I had no idea that he had a sense of humor. All we see on TV or hear in his music is pure hatred and anger, so for me to assume that he was a funny guy seemed crazy before Nancy’s presentation. Another thing I did not know about 50 was that he was dating Chelsea Handler or that he and her were friends. Apparently they had some ongoing “flirty” joke going on back and forth that eventually blossomed into a relationship. 50 appears to be a cooler guy than I thought. There is nothing wrong with flaunting that sensitive side, Curtis.

Ahh, A Tribe Called Quest. Before we discuss this artist, I think it is obviously inevitable and imperative that I ask you one question. “Can I kick it?” This group is one of my favorite groups and hearing that we were going to discuss them brought enjoyment to me. Although we did not hear a lot about them that we didn’t already know, the fact that we got to sit down and talk about them with the whole class was cool and I also thought it was good that we discussed this in front of Shane because as far as I’m concerned, A Tribe Called Quest is a classic Hip-Hop group that people who are not engulfed in the Hip-Hop culture should know.


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