Posted: January 12, 2011 in Uncategorized

Hip-Hop and commercialism appear to go hand in hand. In this class we spoke about how Hip-Hop influences purchases left and right and how even the cheapest and/or simplest of things can sell like crazy if Hip-Hop artists show that they use or support it. For example, we spoke about how white tee’s were sold at Macy’s I believe for $50 +. That, to me, is pretty ridiculous but it just goes to show how influential Hip-Hop artists can be on the market.

An interesting example of a company not being the biggest fan of Hip-Hop artists using or promoting their product was with Cristal and the Jay-Z dilemma. There was a long period of time where Hip-Hop artists like Jay-Z and Lil Wayne would rap about popping Cristal bottles or “only drinking the best.” And Cristal, stupidly, responded by releasing a statement that basically said that they do not condone Hip-Hop music and do not believe that those people are their true demographics. They refused to allow a bunch of Hip-Hop enthusiasts to become the face of their champagne. This was probably the dumbest marketing move they have ever done and I am willing to be my life’s savings that if we were to go back in time and they took the knowledge that they have now, they would not make that mistake again.

In one of our assigned articles, a drink enthusiast said that you’d be dumb to not want someone like Jay-Z backing up your product. He said that anyone in their right mind would love to have a Hip-Hop artist use or promote their product because they can reach a diverse audience that is more willing to buy than you ever could as a marketing director for your product and/or company. Maybe Cristal should send Jay-Z an apology because he can get them back on the map in a matter of seconds. Of course, that is assuming he is willing to give them the time of day now.


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