Hip-Hop got Krushed (changed)…

Posted: December 23, 2010 in Uncategorized

In our second session of class we had a very beneficial discussion on how Hip-Hop and the culture that is associated with this genre has changed over the years. The discussion was not whether it had happened or not, the discussion was about if it was good for the Hip-Hop culture or not. Overall, the conclusion we came to was that it had changed for the better…and for the worse. Although it was hard for us to come together with one final conclusion on the matter, we were able to have valid reasons supporting both sides of the arguments. Crys made a great point that Hip-Hop had changed from what Luther Vandross used to sing about. She stressed over and over again that there were many great, unique, and sensual aspects of Hip-Hop that have just died out over the years. And she is right, she made a great argument by saying, “I just don’t understand what the purpose is behind most of the music that is being produced these days.” Basically, she was wondering why these Hip-Hop artists didn’t all rap and sing about certain causes, raise awareness and attention about issues? The change she wanted to see was in the content of the music. However, the argument Justine had was that singing and rapping about important issues is not what sells to corporate America. She made a good point by saying that the catchy dance music about sex, drugs, and the projects is what sells. People like to hear about other peoples’ struggles. We enjoy purchasing songs about things other than political issues because music, for many people, serves as a “getaway” from real life.

After discussing the changes in Hip-Hop over the years, we sat down as a class and watched the first hour of Krush Groove. Krush Groove is a movie about Russell Simmons and the establishment of Run DMC and other influential and respectable Hip-Hop artists during the “Hip-Hop revolution.” Some of the greatest Hip-Hop artists of all time got their careers started around the time Run DMC did. I really wish we would have finished the movie but I guess we ran out of time. I think anyone who considers themselves to be a member of the Hip-Hop culture should watch this movie.


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